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Earn 10% on all Referrals

When your business or agency partners with us we’ll issue you a unique Partner Code. Simply share this code with your clients and friends. They get 10% off, you get a 10% commission!

Intent on serving the community’s most basic needs, we’ve developed this unique partner program in order to benefit everyone involved. Partner with us today!

Earn 10% on all referrals

Our Partner Program

Get a Partner Code

When you become a partner we’ll provide you with a Partner Code. Simply share this code with your referrals and have them enter or reference this code when they request a quote. The customer will automatically get a 10% discount.

Job Credited to You

Once the job is confirmed your referral account will be credited for the job. Upon completion of the job, a summary of the job will be sent to you by email. Please note that Partner Codes must be applied in order to get credit.

Earn 10% Commission

We pay out partner commissions in USD via PayPal in the first week of every month. The commission is 10% of the total job. All previous month's referrals will be bundled into one easy payment. At the end of the year, we'll send you a 1099.

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